We met over ten years ago...and my life has never been the same..

We met in college...he was a senior, and I was a freshman.  We began to spar with each other almost immediately.  I found I looked forward to seeing him just so we could argue (I know, I know...it was grade school, but in a good way!) 

We became friends, and at some point, he began to express interest.  I was completely clueless, even when he gave me a dozen lavender roses(my favorite) for my birthday.  Once I DID realize he was interested, I was still unsure how I felt. 

He was patient, but persistent, until one day while hanging out in Emory University's Lullwater Park, we decided to make our relationship official.  It was the beginning of so many great memories!

The Early Days

The two of us at Mardi Gras(The only old pic I could find on my computer!).  I only got those beads using my charm and a good catching arm!!

Other memories of the early days are fun trips with friends, frat parties, study sessions in the library, long talks over the phone during school breaks, all the flowers!, and our "debates", lol, for lack of a better word.  Life was never boring!

The Proposal

Where do I begin? So many of my friends were in on the secret, and I have to say they would never make good spies. There were so many "tells"...and yet Dhru kept me on my toes, putting all these doubts in my head.  By the time a few friends and I went to visit him in California(he arranged all of it!), my head was spinning with all the doubt.  At some points I was convinced it wasn't happening for another few months.

And yet, on February 5, 2009, before taking me to a gorgeous outdoor restaurant in this nature preserve in the canyons, I was presented with a memory scrapbook he had made of our long journey together, complete with pictures, captions of his thoughts, and even emails he had saved from me dating back to 1998!

When I reached the end of the book, he had his guitar ready to play me a song he wrote himself.  The final words before getting down on one knee with the ring were "Will you Marry Me?"

I am so excited to begin my life with my funny, silly, practical, predictable, loving best friend. =)